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10 Minute Tuesday - Reduce Your Operating Budget and Carbon Footprint
New Energy Opportunities for Tax-Exempt Entities

The August 2022 Inflation Reduction Act provides over $350 million in clean energy incentives and provides key structural changes regarding renewable energy and energy efficiency tax credits for tax-exempt entities. These clean energy credits have existed for over a decade but were best utilized by for-profit entities with federal tax liability. The recent changes allow for tax-exempt entities to transfer clean energy tax credits into direct pay opportunities. These changes offer tax-exempt entities a short window to take advantage of new financial opportunities for wind, solar, battery and energy efficiency projects which can reduce carbon footprints and drastically reduce payback periods, providing financial relief for ongoing operating budgets during these inflationary times. Please join us as we discuss the new opportunities and how to best prepare to take advantage of the new energy economy for tax-exempt entities.


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Adam Herink
President @Afton Energy
Adam Herink, President of Afton Energy, has over a decade of experience in the energy industry dating back to his first solar project in 2008. With project sizes ranging from 25 kw to over 500 MW, his energy development experience includes projects in wind, solar, battery storage and natural gas. Adam offers significant expertise in master energy planning, finance, construction, utility integration, modeling and contracts. He is excited about the recent Inflation Reduction Act and the opportunity to serve tax-exempt entities, helping them take advantage of the new energy economy.