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10 Minute Tuesday - Data Analytics: Three Simple Questions to Get Started
Data Analytics: Three Simple Questions to Get Started

For most business owners and organizational leaders, the term “data analytics” has become standard (arguably essential) lingo in recent years. Although most savvy leaders easily recognize the importance of using data to understand historical results, identify current trends, and predict future outcomes, it can be very challenging to take the first step toward becoming a data-driven organization.

To help alleviate the pressure of trying to create a large-scale, long-term data analytics program, which can be incredibly overwhelming, businesses can start by introducing data analytics using a more practical day-to-day approach. For those who are ready to take the first step, answering three simple questions can provide the jump start they need to begin harnessing the power of their business intelligence.


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Allisa Lovitt
Marketing & Executive Support Manager @HBE LLP